Executive Committee

Executive CommitteeNamePosition
Responsible for general oversight of MAR SICDaniel MartinChair
Kent DykemanPast Chair
Peter RobichaudAdmin Support
Tara CroftAdmin Support

Training & Education Committee

Training & Education CommitteeNamePosition
Review/approve training programs & educational materials; oversee QLP requirements and approvals.Andrew FedoraChair
Andrew ElliottMember
Garth SpencerMember
Pierre MezzettaMember
Chris SpencerMember
Dale CurrierMember

Website Committee

Website CommitteeNamePosition
Ensure website is kept up-to-date; review/approve website materialsNicholas SavoieMember
Jillian Weldon-GengeMember
Tara CroftAdmin Support

Public Inquiries & Complaints Committee

Public Inquiries & Complaints Committee (1-800-631-3657)NamePosition
Ensure inquiries are directed to the appropriate individuals; ensure complaints are investigated & documented accordingly.Scott MacDougallNB Member
Jillian Weldon-GengeNS Member
Tara CroftAdmin Support

New Brunswick BMP Survey Committee

New Brunswick BMP Survey CommitteeNamePosition
Works with the New Brunswick Federation of
Woodlot Owners & NB Forest Products
Marketing Boards; ensures that NB Private Land
BMP Surveys are completed.
Chris SpencerSNB Marketing Board
Susannah BanksNBFWO
Brian BartlettMaritime SIC